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This happened a few months old and I havent anyone, but I put in writing, coloring, and someone has read. I'm becoming very Jealous girl and tell my friends fall on him, a girl is pretty. During sex with my boyfriend I've always wondered if the image has had sex with another person while you are me. This led me to think this crazly Jealous. I was crazy for months and jealousy to rely more and more until one day I realized, secretly made ​​me wet to pornfuze think of someone elses thikinb tight vagina while pumping in me. asked him one day while having sex if you have sex with someone who was there, and I brought my cousin, I was, as they might have a family. But then we started naming girls who helped him with. So we came up with a girl, a pretty Japanese girl who lived petit 20 minutes from where we lived. We are alwayslike a fantasy, until one day we realized that this would really happen if Makwan it happen. We wondered how to get it because we could not teel pornfuze when a girl crazy pornfuze and so, or if you would think we're crazy, and storms are wopudl. One day I decided to invite for some wine and talk to girls. We chatted and chatted and then go to the issue of sexual fantasies. And it feels immidiatly comftorable enough to talk about it, and I find that this fantasy of having married pornfuze a polygamous man subourdinate character in it. think or immidiatly try, as we have in our imagination to work and I think this can work. As we're both a little drunk, I nervous, but confident that the exterior, you are prompted that occurs pornfuze to him to have sex with a partner, if they ask ? timidly says, 'I could if I drink a little' So I have to ask them to do if they feel that comftorable live this fantasy with us? is a little surprised, but happy to hear that. Ialmost jumping for joy and I call my boyfriend upper rigth away, but still hang out togther an appointment for us and represent these thigng. A then planned to meet Thursday night, after returning from the class. My friend had the room ready for the day. I left the house and get young Japanese, she wears a short skirt and a white sweater sweet. I dress similarly, but with a pink shirt. We got home and she is sooo nervous, I'm nervous about the way you think of my friend is fucking another girl. Then I calm down and walk and walk towards the rigth away vodka. We eat and drink and laugh and close about an hour and a half. As they do so slowly, we can highlight is the bed that is on the corner of the room. Then my friend and I look. My friend figures it's time intelligent pornfuze rigth and begins to act on your part. It begins with a dominant line portryas old, Intelegent, but caring man and two women. He says : ' Beautiful wives of mine, we celebrate the arrival of my new Japanese woman ? 'It starts to have to act so that she is a virgin, her natural look is right for your nervous pornfuze system. S I walk slowly to the bed and pornfuze helps to undress, while my boyfriend sits and watches all the pieces of fine clothing small Asian small body come. take the first part of his superior, and then out of their jean skirt. has a pink bra and tiny pink thong to the left. I slowly unhooks her bra while she shivers with gentle agitation. his cheerful little baby spring 's breast bra and loose. then I have them and I slowly pull down her panties. I could smell the smell that I could only assume came from his small pornfuze vagina. then put them in this nice little see through baby doll dress short as his ' ritual divirgination outfi. 'I looked at my friend and pornfuze I could see he was hard under his pants. I told him to go out of his pants to relieve tigth and start to unzip his pants and lowerZipper. All the time I said, the first woman to him, he prepares for his first time with an Asian woman is a virgin again. Buttons on the shirt and take it off, leaivng him in his shirt, I guess to have the pants and will help to put in a black silk pajamas as their ritual garb. entered the bed and lean against the wall and sits between my legs from the other end of the bed, which is sittign before my friend in his chair. I put my hands between her legs and lower cup inner thigh, extended it, by my friend, shaved vagina to see the little girl. His legs tremble as I am. I drop my hands and rub her vagina for about 2 minutes and wait until pornfuze it's too wet easily, my friend is sooo hard right now, and runs on the desktop, some lovers to get the lube oil system in little pussy. He squirts lotion on her two fingers and rub Sofly slowly start to his swollen little pussys problem. she starts moaning and sweating and start very, very cool. The flow of blood pumped and the breasts begin flush with the face. 'm Jealous throughout this scene, but active sooo good. then low enough pajamas to have her 8-inch wooden rooster. Your penis is bigger than I've ever seen, intended to pornfuze be sooo excited I have a young Asian pornfuze woman as his second wife divirginating imagination. He told me to keep your legs and make sure not trying to flee. He says this could hurt, because it's their first time. And this is part of the fantasy. Then he says pornfuze ' please be kind,' then my friend says: 'Ill honey gently at first, but you have to use it, so I'm going to put on and then start slowly begin to mourn so strong that you pump ' like to hear this and pretend to try to fight out their thighs my hands very well. My friend then begins to decrease slowly in the stomach to insert his penis in my hsmall tight virgin pussy tigth. The N pressed the first not to get into a position, and gently whispered 'relax just relax.............. ' Take his cock in the middle of it, and she screams out loud. Then he says: ' Shhhhhh.... relax...... relax.... it will hurt at first, but soon you will like..... pssst ' It begins to pump faster and faster, and crying with joy togther pain ANF. Pumping and pumping and pumping faster and harder every shot. Until almost runs, then stops and tells me to strip demand. I quickly strip all naked. And he says, a challenge both of us to get on the floor and knees and tell us who feel ready, as we pass by one by one. He leans over me and I felt in the stomach touching my back as he pulls his cock in my pussy, then says it's just like as an Asian girl tigth made ​​me feel good and sexy. He raises his body still with me and coke insdie pumps me hard with his hands on her hips. hard and heavy, and hard. That's all as an Asian snack kneeling next to us heard me mourn and weep. It is fast and simple then start over Asian girls was a little frightened, but she loves him. It begins to pump more and more difficult, and she cries. Two minutes later it was crabs up from behind and puts her back, back touchign my back when I am still in the canine position. it was sooo easy, so there was no tension in the back. Does your waiste so it starts pornfuze to fall the hell not, while to me anyway. then take it out and puts it in me, and goes and quarter of a pussy to another. He fuck a tight Waite and the other for a while and then task and put it out there. He repeated this fot about pornfuze 10 minutes which was amazing. demanding, telling me to get up when he meets the girl of my japaanese and told me to kneel before him. Put the knee Japanese girl again not before hand proceeds to fuck in doggy and tells me to put my mouth to her pussy. He fucks her hard and then grabs his neck and his cock from her pussy, which made high-pitched sound of bubbles and plugged it into my mouth, it was crazy to think it was more juicy taste of his. That pumps his cock in my mouth and domain drives me crazy. makes us think the pornfuze two girls who brought this home to serve him sexually. then takes the cock and starts pumping hard and then she says, he wants me to be with and because it was my fantasy beign superior. pornfuze up to me and turn me get on my knees and grabs me hard and heavy again, until we ask that you submit to the Asian girl on his back again, as he had done before. Once again, I feel my back and my back as he pumped hard. pornfuze I tell her pornfuze to fuck until you reach that drives me crazy when I felt her body move to the back, knowing that it is moving, because my friends move the entire line allThe body. She then manages orgazim joy. whiel still in me, take it out of her and starts to fuck me, you can cum kwowing insdie my vagina because I was his real girlfriend. Pumping and pumped and pumped and pumped shout ' Good girl, good girl ' and then I start to finish, I think, to feel its sememe came into my vagina. This was my ultimate fantasy, and it was true, and I felt fantastic. never felt akward for it, but the Japanese girl, so he stayed pornfuze in touch with us, which is a shame. But pornfuze me and my friend talk much, but we decided to keep to a minimum sexualy health reasons, and perhaps be able to appreciate the next time it happens. I advise people to act out their fantasies, but very carfeufl and always try to get a report on the health history of third sexual partner. hope that this story was enjoyable to read. A greeting to all N. applause.
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